Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tastemaker Trend: Overalls

There are certain trends that only the true Tastemakers can pull off, or are willing to try. I will call these a "Tastemaker trend". These trends most likely wont make it to mass market, and to the avg. person (someone not obsessed with fashion) the trends may come off as tacky or super hideous. My first Tastemaker Trend is Overalls!! Many people may remember wearing them as a kid, I myself had a few pairs of overall shorts, however I did retire them at a young age. Recently I have been seeing them surface into the street style scene, and Im thinking about finding a cute pair for myself.

The T-shirt imitations are super cute too! And may be a safe start to trying out the trend for people who are unsure.


Found some more Tastemakers rocking overalls, and if your really feeling the trend you can try the Denim jumpsuit from Zara for the fall!

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