Monday, December 10, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

 Found some cute cat stuff for Friday! Something about them just makes any outfit look so chic! Not sure who makes the sweater found on all the ladies above but it is really cute and I love how differently each person styled it!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilt Craze

Blazer and Skirt F21

Zara Blazer

Top and Skirt J.W Anderson Found at Topshop

Zara Coat
 I've always loved the use of unusual fabrics for usual clothing, and I am really loving the use of quilted fabrics for tee's and skirts etc... Stumbled upon some street style pics thanks to Tommy Ton of some nice quilted items. They have some cute opinions at Forever 21, Zara and Topshop! In love with the J.W Anderson printed paisley pieces that can easily be worn together to create a suite!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Office Chic&Cheap: Under $50 Edition

This edition of Office Chic&Cheap was inspired by cheap pieces that can be mixed and matched to create more then one look for the office! Each piece is under $50 including the shoes! Also the possibilities are endless when you add in other accessories and shoes you already have in your closet! Even if I am wearing the same two pieces of clothing to work (pants/skirt and top) I try to make it a different outfit but changing my shoes, accessories, bags, etc..

Tastemaker of the week: Miroslava Duma

In addition to the definition above I like to think of a Tastmaker as someone who is not afraid or bound by any fashion restrictions and is willing to take risks. It is someone that can take a well recognized designer piece and make it almost unrecognizable by the way they style it. Or it is someone that can take an extremely cheap piece of clothing from H & M or F21, and make it look expensive.

I am going to start a "Tastemaker of the week" post which will share someone who I feel fits the definition above. 

This weeks Tastemaker is Miroslava Duma, a former editor at Russian Harper's Bazaar, who is currently a freelance writer and founder of Buro 24/7 a website committed to fashion, art, architecture, cinema, music and style. 
The pictures above are just some of my favorite looks from her and every time I see a picture of her I am never disappointed.  Major girl crush!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tastemaker Trend: Overalls

There are certain trends that only the true Tastemakers can pull off, or are willing to try. I will call these a "Tastemaker trend". These trends most likely wont make it to mass market, and to the avg. person (someone not obsessed with fashion) the trends may come off as tacky or super hideous. My first Tastemaker Trend is Overalls!! Many people may remember wearing them as a kid, I myself had a few pairs of overall shorts, however I did retire them at a young age. Recently I have been seeing them surface into the street style scene, and Im thinking about finding a cute pair for myself.

The T-shirt imitations are super cute too! And may be a safe start to trying out the trend for people who are unsure.


Found some more Tastemakers rocking overalls, and if your really feeling the trend you can try the Denim jumpsuit from Zara for the fall!