Monday, March 4, 2013

Just do it.

Even before fashion blogs, and street style pics looking at others outfits and key pieces has always been an inspiration to me. Its almost a challenge for me to emulate an outfit I'm "WOW'D" by. Also taking key pieces I see on others and trying them myself. My latest obsession has been sneakers, seeing them incorporated with amazing looks seemed impossible to me. I wear heels daily, and although my feet have gotten use to it, they will never be considered comftorable. I love the way heels make your legs look longer and how they can easily spice up any outfit. That being said seeing outfits that have comftorable shoes and still look amazing is a dream come true. So I bought my first pair of Nike's and my feet have been thanking me ever since!

Here are some of the inspirational pictures and below is a selfie of one of my outfits and new kicks!

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